Training Course for Roma Pupils: Responding to Prejudice – Tiszaroff

11 - 12AUGUST2020

The training was organised in Tiszaroff with active help from a student who participated in one of our previous trainings and now works with the local Roma youth community. She also assisted with recruiting the 13 high school student participants who live in the nearby municipalities of Tiszabura and Tiszabő. Rodrigó Balogh, Gábor Bernáth and Anna Szilágyi, the developers of the training methodology, facilitated the two-day training.

During the training, the students worked in small groups and a cooperative manner. The first day began with getting familiar with and evaluating the students’ personal stories of when they faced prejudice and discrimination. On the second day, the training facilitators introduced some fundamental communication theories and strategies that helped the students with drama-based methods to develop a more effective response against prejudice.