A Webinar Series: Debating Challenges for Minority Protection - Video


In collaboration with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on minority issues (SRMI) and the Human Rights Consortium at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, TLI organized three webinars on June 25, July 2, and July 9. The series “Debating Challenges for Minority Protection” contemplated the thematic priorities of the SRMI, reflecting on past and present issues as well as looking towards the future.

With the participation of the SRMI, Fernand de Varennes, and international experts in the field of the human rights of minorities, the webinars addressed three key thematic priorities:

  1. Education, language and the human rights of minorities
  2. The critical challenges of tackling hate speech, xenophobic rhetoric and incitement to hatred against minorities
  3. The interrelationship between conflicts: minority rights and the promotion of inclusiveness and stability

The webinars are now available on YouTube and can be accessed here.
For more background information, the concept note of the project can be accessed here.