What We Do

Human Rights of Minorities

TLI’s Human Rights of Minorities Programme aims to advance human rights by strengthening the link between human rights norms, policy, and practice, with particular attention paid to critical assessment and improvement of mechanisms developed to protect the rights of persons belonging to national, ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities. Through research, education, publications, public and academic discourse, the programme intends to contribute to the internalisation and effective implementation of human rights norms.

Jewish Life 

TLI’s Jewish Life and Antisemitism Programme focuses on the past, present and future of the Hungarian and European Jewry. It actively promotes this extremely diverse heritage and identity, supporting its transmission to younger generations. Working with local communities to explore and educate Jewish histories contributes to countering Antisemitism. The research of contemporary forms of Antisemitism complements the educational aim of the programme.

Roma Rights and Citizenship

TLI’s Roma Rights and Citizenship Programme promotes the self-understanding of the Roma and aims at breaking down their prejudiced representation. Research projects examine the nature and conditions of Roma participation in social, economic, cultural life and in public affairs, encouraging active citizenship. Research and education on Roma genocide and resistance explore the darkest period of Roma history generating understanding and reconciliation between Roma and non-Roma.