Teacher Training Programme: Roma Holocaust 2019


The Tom Lantos Institute worked with a group of experts to develop a teacher training programme based on topics and chapters of the textbook “If I run, they shoot me dead – If I stop they beat me to death”. The textbook was published with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities. The training programme provides tools for teachers to introduce the concepts of freedom, fundamental rights, community responsibility and solidarity in their classrooms by teaching about the Roma Holocaust.

Following piloting in 2018, the methodology of the training and the teachers’ manual were finalised. We continued to hold training sessions in 2019 and expanded their geographical scope to Slovakia. The first session was held in Budapest in April 2019, followed by a training event organised in Kosice/Kassa in August 2019 and in Szeged in October 2019.

The training programme “Teacher training about freedom, community responsibility, and solidarity in relation to the Roma Holocaust” was officially accredited by the Educational Authority in May 2019.