Teacher training on the Roma Holocaust

10 - 11NOVEMBER2017

On the 10th and 11th of November 2017 we held our two-day teacher training event on the topic of the Roma Holocaust. The detailed training curriculum and related teacher manual were drawn up by experts and designed to complement the book, “If I run they’ll shoot me, if I stop they’ll beat me to death” which focuses on the history of the Roma Holocaust. At the same time, the curriculum and the manual also address issues such as:

how to build solidarity among students
help to become a responsible citizen
how to promote non-violent communication and debate culture
During the course of the training, teachers became familiar with the content of the teacher manual and took part in interactive, inclusive, cooperative, and group-focused work. 16 participants attended the training from all parts of Hungary. Most of them are practicing Secondary and High School teachers, but we also had participants from organisations focusing on informal education, such as the Haver and Uccu foundations.

At the end of the two-day training event, all teachers said that they would integrate the topic of the Roma Holocaust into their curricula and recommend the manual to fellow teachers. They also offered very valuable feedback at the closing session, which will help to further improve and finalise the teaching manual.