Teacher training on freedom, community responsibility, and solidarity in the Roma Holocaust

10 - 11NOVEMBER2017

The Tom Lantos Institute is organizing a professional development teacher training based on cooperative work and participation.

The training focuses on the concepts and practices of freedom, community responsibility, and solidarity with a focus on the Roma Holocaust. The theme of the Roma Holocaust was conceptualised and presented by experts in ways which encourage teachers and students to see the stages of the loss of freedom in a critical fashion, thus preventing them to become victims of such tragedies. It stimulates cooperation and builds the capacity to act, and helps consolidate debates related to Roma and other vulnerable groups in the context of democratic societies in schools. The training is based on the book “If I run they’ll shoot me, if I stop they’ll beat me to death”, that was published with funding from the Ministry of Human Capacities. The book tells the story of the Roma Holocaust to students studying in 11th and 12th grades in secondary schools of Hungary.

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