The ‘Rooster (also) Crows’ in the Countryside– The Past, Present, and Future of the Rural Hungarian Jewry


The Tom Lantos Institute has been supporting the implementation of rural Hungarian Jewish culture and history projects for years.

Since 2016, it has been cooperating with the local Jewish community of Sátoraljaújhely in organising its annual event, the ‘Day of Remembrance’. In addition, a teachers’ guide to the permanent exhibition at the Synagogue of Pécs, titled ‘Living Together Then and Now’ was published in 2018 and launched at the Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest in 2019. TLI also contributed to the creation of the travelling exhibition by the curator, Norbert Lakk, and the Museum of Sárbogárd Association, titled ‘Pictures and memories from the past of the disappeared Jewish community of Sárbogárd’. In 2019 the exhibition was displayed at the Synagogue of Óbuda in Budapest.

The Institute also supported the publication of the book ‘Mihály Heilprin – The Adventurous Life and Works of the First Hungarian Jewish Poet,’ as well as the translation of the book by Tibor Schatteles, ‘The Jews of Timișoara: A Historical Perspective’, into Hungarian.