Manifestations of Antisemitism in the Visegrad countries


In 2018, the Tom Lantos Institute began a qualitative study of antisemitism in the Visegrad countries using online focus group discussions. The research examines the manifestations of the three subtypes of modern antisemitism in the region, as well as the relationship between them. Over the past two years, we have investigated antisemitism related to conspiracy theories and secondary antisemitism. This year, the research focuses on exploring new antisemitism.

In addition, with the support of the International Alliance for Holocaust Remembrance (IHRA), expert workshops will be organised to develop policy proposals to counter Holocaust denial and distortion in the region. The research findings and public policy proposals will be published in a policy brief.

As a preparation for the quantitative research planned for next year, a survey questionnaire will be also developed. The quantitative study on the manifestations of modern antisemitism in the Visegrad countries is co-financed by the European Commission’s ‘Rights, Equality and Citizenship’ Programme.