Isolated Realities Educational Programme


About the programme
The phrase ’post-truth’ has been surfacing increasingly often recently. This signals a fundamental change in our approach to reality. However, some argue that there is no novelty in people’s preference to see the world through their own perceptions and emotions. Propaganda and emotionally manipulative rhetoric has always been an effective tool in influencing masses of people. The technological utopia of the 90s expected the democratisation of knowledge from the spreading of the internet, but now it seems that free access to knowledge and the opportunity to share it does not necessarily result in an equal chance to shape the free flow of information.

These tendencies shape our present as well as our future, since it is our perceptions and knowledge of our shared history that form the basis of our collective identity.

The goal of the educational programme

This programme examines the co-existence of different ethnic, religious, national and societal minority groups with a special focus on the role of politics of hate in the 20th and 21st centuries. How should a ’historical event’ be approached by a student, a teacher, an artist or an anthropologist? What role does rational thinking and emotions play in creating a just society? How do we imagine this society as it becomes increasingly difficult to step out of the bubble that surrounds us and face different world views and ways of living? During the project, we select a medium (e.g. comic book, video) through which we look at contemporary and historical case studies to answer the above stated questions.
Orsolya Barna, cultural anthropologist and Bence György Pálinkás, artist have been working together on alternative educational projects since 2013.
The inspiration and starting point to this programme is the Vanishing Points 2.0 online art project, on which an educational programme was based and conducted in the Kossuth Zsuzsanna Girls’ School in Győr. The programme covered local historical atrocities against Jews returning to Győr after 1945.