Global Minority Rights Summer School 2019


The Global Minority Rights Summer School was first organised in 2013, as a joint programme of the Tom Lantos Institute, the National University of Public Service, and Middlesex University London. Each year the Summer School examines a relevant minority issue, and with the guidance of recognised academics and experts, provides a deeper understanding of the topic to the participating minority representatives, civil servants, educators, journalists, and civil society professionals. One of the main aims of the Institute is to place greater emphasis on the perspectives of minorities, therefore, the participation of lecturers and participants from minority backgrounds is prioritised at the Summer School. The course also acts as a global workshop where lecturers and students can discuss major trends and challenges in the field of global minority protection.

The 2019 Summer School examined the economic and social rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities. International and local experts, as well as minority representatives presented topics such land and labour rights, and development policies in the context of minority protection. The summer school was attended by 29 participants from 23 countries, while 14 international and local experts acted as lecturers. The UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues also gave a session, in which he introduced his mandate and activities to the students. Over the week-long course, the participants also presented and discussed the situation of minorities in their own countries, and learned about current issues and different methods of minority protection in other parts of the world.